Devastation of a third world country

In a third world country there had never been a complete abundance and obedience in the law. The authority figures do not implement a true and righteous brand of justice we now live in a primal 3rd world were the strongest and noblest survive were the lower born are purged and dismembered by these “authority figures”. In this image setting shows local incident to shut down the voices of the public over unfair elections the civilians were brutalized and robbed by the “national brand of justice”

In such company as this the lower ranked in society are the ones that live on a thread and it’s a very painful experience knowing that there is no honor living in such a community. How do you fight and stand up to those who bring and in force the law. Who will hear your cry for help when they come into your homes and pillage and destroy everything you hold dear ?

Violence is spreading like weeds it does nothing but bread more violence and hate. The desolving of law has left us in moral decay at this rate the generations to follow after us will know nothing but cruel misery and the means the to survive at any cost even if it means dispensing morality. The government does nothing but defend the military for publicity clean sheet they refuse such incidents and defend them or lie on any media outlets to promote an unexisting peace and prosperity. When ever there is a protest of demonstration at the end of the day the central business district is left in disary and empty due to intimidation and military brutality. “the voice of the people” is like a fantasy at this rate it could be made into a cartoon series that generates tremendous humor. For sport these people go out at night in local bars and shut the entrance so that they can brutalize civilians and take their money and possessions just for going out late at night just to have a good time. CORRUPTION within our government, within our system, within our vains is what we are now some forced on us , some born to it, some spreading it all round. In such a world as this how can you be passionate about spreading your genes in such company as this were there is no hope, no libation and justice.

The image shows a soldier shooting innocent civilians as the other one tries to stop him 5 people were reported dead and was in publicized in local and international news the prosecution of this soldier never came to pass

We need restoration of some sort this animalistic behavior has to be accounted for.